Missouri: Justice Rationed

The report Missouri: Justice Rationed (2013), written by Mary Ann Scali, Kim Tandy, Jaime Michel, and Jordan Pauluhn looks into the criminal justice system as a whole. It focuses on the court proceedings and whether the youth’s due process rights were properly protected. The report details how youth receive counsel and questions the ethnicity of the roles of different members within the system. The report determined that youth are encouraged from and systematically denied counsel. The individuals involved in the justice system have conflicting roles, reducing the protection of the juveniles. Due process is generally denied in the Missouri system, violating the standard established by In re Gault.

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The Missouri Model: Reinventing the Practice of Rehabilitating Youth Offenders

This report (2010) highlights the victories of the juvenile justice system in Missouri and its programs facilitating juvenile offenders’ rehabilitation.\

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